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champions league live 2018

Snooker Live Stream
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Snooker Live Stream

Snooker Live Stream

Snooker is a very popular game, belonging to billiard, highly appreciated in the English speaking countries, like India, Great Britain, Canada, Ireland and Australia. However, people from South Eastern Asia have started to manifest increased interest in snooker, as well.

Although billiard has a long history which begun somewhere in the XV century, snooker is a pretty recent invention. The word “snooker” means in the military slang a first year soldier, also referred to the first time billiard players. It is said that John Roberts, the billiard English champion, travelled to India in 1885, where after having met Colonel Sir Neville Chamberlain, learned the rules of the game and brought it to England.

The snooker championship appeared in 1916, becoming an important sport event among the billiard fans. In 1976 snooker became a professional sport, with the top popularity having been reached in 1985, when 18.5 million people watched the World Championship live on BBC 2. Even nowadays, snooker is one of the most watched sports on TV in the UK.

Our website has a Snooker Live Stream category, where all the snooker fans out there can watch Snooker Live Stream online, broadcasted directly on to their computer screen. You will be amazed of the video quality of the Snooker Live Stream and moreover, the most amazing thing about you watching Snooker Live Stream is that it is completely free of charge!

No credit card data shall be required so that you can simply relax and watch Snooker Live Stream. The video quality of the live transmissions is the highest possible, so all you need is internet connection.

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